100Base-T1 SPY_mini_4 Port

Read the complete data of your BroadR-Reach (100Base-T1) network

Sampling data Frames directly on your 100Base-T1 (BroadR-Reach) devices without influencing the original network


100Base-T1 SPY_mini_4 Port is more than a development tool for testing and analysing on-board vehicle networks.

It allows to sample data frames directly on the bus without influence on the original network, but also provides the possibility to communicate two different devices connected to the same BroadR-Reach (100Base-T1) bus.

In logging function the data Frames are enhanced with additional information as an exact timestamp with 0.04 µs (40 ns) resolution and the bus port the data was originally sent on. All data can be recorded on a PC or datalogger for detailed offline analysis.

Optionally other UseCases  as Dual Media Converter or Frame Generator are also available. All the functions can be configured easily via switches, without using any integrated web server.


To order a 100Base-T1 SPY_mini_4 Port, please send a quotation request via e-mail to: order@technica-engineering.de refer to Art.Nr. TE-1550


  • 4x BroadR-Reach Ports (100Base-T1)
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Power Requirement: 12 Volt DC Nominal (8-16 Volt), 4 to 7 Watt
  • 6x 3V3 Bidirectional Trigger signals
  • DIP switches for easy confi guration
  • Robust steel case
  • Size: 110 x 108 x 28 mm
  • Timestamp with 0.04 μs resolution selectable