Guideline for the execution of return of products-cases

Dear business partner,
please take note of the following, which enable us to handle products that you would like to return as promptly and as efficiently as possible.

Return Procedure

  1. For the return of products this form is necessary.
  2. Please fill the form thoroughly.
  3. Please, print the form and enclose it to your consignment.
  4. Following this, please send your parcel within 5 business days to: Technica Engineering GmbH, Leopoldstr. 236, 80807 München Department/support

To ensure promt processing, please make sure to always enclose your form. We might be unable to process and have to return your consignment to you if we received it without the according return of product form.

RMA execution internally (only for packages with valid RMA number)

  1. The processing time after arrival is 14 business days.
  2. After the processing time and within the warranty of 6 months, there will be an immediate replacement (new goods) if the goods are in stock.
  3. Tracking is sent to the customer by email.